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Carpenter Measuring Wood


Replacing a door can be costly and time-consuming, and sometimes all that is needed is a repair or replacement of a door part. Give us a call to assess the issue and we will fix it whenever possible or recommend a replacement only if necessary. 

Common door problems we fix include doors not closing/ latching/ locking/ fitting properly, misalignment, cross-legged jambs, sticky pocket doors, broken or rotting door and/or door jamb (frame) or lintel or threshold, loose or broken hinges or door knobs, loose or malfunctioning deadbolts, noisy hinges, door closer or handle malfunction, worn out weather stripping, broken screen or storm doors, broken glass or panel replacement.


Common door alterations we do include changing hardware (new locks/handles/mail slots), adding a lintel (shelf), adding soft closures to sliding doors, adding/changing door lite(s) (aka windows), painting, staining, and more.


No job is too small. Give us a call!

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