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Replacing a door can be costly and time-consuming, and sometimes all that is needed is a repair or replacement of a door hardware. Give us a call to assess the issue and we will fix it whenever possible or recommend a replacement ONLY if necessary. 

Common door problems we fix include:

Lock and latch repair: Fixing issues with deadbolts, door handles and latching plates that might be jammed, misaligned or broken.

Weather stripping replacement: Weather strips are crucial to help keep drafts and water outside and help keep your heat bills low.

Hinge replacement: Hinges not only play an important role for security but also enables the door to function properly. If your door hinges are rusty or worn out is time for a replacement.

Misaligned doors: If your exterior doors are misaligned not only it will allow the drafts and water to come in but it will make your door difficult to open or close and can compromise the security of your home.

Jamb (door frame) repairs: With time exterior door jambs can rot or cracked due to exposure tthe weather compromising your security and allowing draft and water to come inside your home.

Panel or glass replacement: We can add or replace a damaged or broken glass in any exterior door as well as we can replace a damaged panel on any wood door.

Painting, staining and maintenance: Painting or staining a brand new door or maintaining an old door is very important to ensure its longevity, functionality and appareance.

No job is too small. Contact us now

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