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How to Change a Door Handle

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Changing out door hardware (door handle, lever or door knob) can be a great solution, and it is a very quick and easy job most anyone can do!

Here are some of the many reasons why one might want to consider changing or installing a door knob or handle:

  • The most common reason is that the current hardware is broken or malfunctioning beyond repair.

  • Replacing a door knob or handle is an affordable way to elevate the aesthetic of a room.

  • If you need to change the locks, it is often (not always, but it certainly can be!) more affordable to replace the entire hardware set than hiring a locksmith to have it re-keyed or change out just the lock.

  • If you're looking to save money on your door installation process, do this simple part of the project yourself.

  • The type of handle needs to be changed (ie from a lockable to not lockable [technical term is from privacy to passage], etc).

To gain a more in-depth understand of component parts, see this great article by

To understand what type of hardware is best for your unique project, check out this blog post by Schlage.

How to Change Door Hardware

Watch our video at the end of this article, or follow the instructions below.

What You'll Need:

1. Screwdriver with the head(s) matching your current and new hardware. Likely Phillips.

2. New hardware.

3. Optional but helpful is a rubber mallet.

4. 5-10 minutes.


1. Unscrew the current hardware installed and remove all pieces. Set aside.

2. Unscrew the new hardware being held together.

3. Insert the latch into the door so the flat edge is facing towards the inside of the room/area the door swings into when opened. The rounded side must face the other way so it slides into latch hole when closing the door.

4. Using the rubber mallet, hammer the latch so it fits snugly into the door. Alternatively you can use the door knob or screwdriver or anything solid to push it in so that it is flush with the door's edge.

5. Insert the outside handle, fitting the spindle through the latch so it's now flush with the door.

6. Insert the inside handle, fitting the shank so it fits snugly.

7. Screw the screws into the inside handle. Ensure the screws are INSIDE the room/home for security.

8. Test to ensure the latch bolt fits correctly into the strike plate on the door jamb. If it doesn't stick out enough or too much, you'll need to remove the latch and adjust the latch backset.

View our short How-To video on Instagram to learn in less than 1 minute:

Or check it out on our Instagram.

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